Welcome to Chinmaya International Residential School

Welcome to the Chinmaya International School. We build upon the basis that the future of our world rests upon the quality of its youth. Quality comes through care and attention. In having to raise children of quality and purpose, to make....> read more...


The...Chinmaya International Residential School is an undertaking of the Central Chinmaya Mission... > read more...

Application Information

The Academic Year starts from April and ends in March of the ensuing year, with vacations...> read more...

School History

The idea of starting an International School in India was conceived by the... > read more...

Academic Success

CIRS achieves excellent exam results by being dedicated to excellence in all areas... > read more...

Why Choose CIRS?

We endeavor to design our...educational processes on the basis that the future of this world rests upon... > read more...


Registration is open the whole year round. The Entrance Exam takes place on the second Sunday... > read more...

News & Events
  • There will be No Emailing on Sunday, 4th February 2018 due to Khel Mela preparations.
  • Creative writing content for the month of January uploaded.....Click here to visit the page..
  • Robofest 2018 results announced.....Read more.
  • Board Examination timetable for Class X and XII
  • Interschool Quiz results announced.....Read more.
  • Ist Year IB Exams began on January 10th.
  • Annual Exam for XI CBSE begins on January 12th.
  • 17th All India HOPE Talent Contest results announced.....Read more.
  • 2018 started off with a special orientation program for the teachers... Read more
  • CIRS gets the Jury's Choice Award.....Read more.
  • 2nd State Level Yoga Competition results announced.....Read more.
  • CIRS has been ranked Second in the country by the Education World Survey.....Read more.