It is now 16 years since Gurudev’s vision of a value based International School, the C.I.R.S, came into existence. All of you, the students of C.I.R.S. have groomed yourselves with the ideals of C.I.R.S. represented by its motto, ‘Knowledge, Service and Efficiency’. After your studies at C.I.R.S you all have climbed many steps in your chosen fields.

It has been the constant yearning among C.I.R.S. students, as well as the school, that we should come together, pool in our resources and intelligence, to make a positive difference to ourselves, our school, and the society around us. With this vision in mind, we are earnestly taking up the task of strengthening our C.I.R.S. Alumni Association. With togetherness comes strength and with strength, great things are made possible.
In our discussion with Mr.Ritheyu, who was coordinating the Alumni Association, it was found necessary to have a committee that would dedicatedly work towards this. Hence, a new committee has been constituted with more members. A dedicated website has been created and programs for the alumni are already under consideration.

Taking the first step to come together, I invite all of you to register yourself as members of the C.I.R.S. Alumni.

The committee would organize programs and keep you update with events of C.I.R.S. and achievements of C.I.R.S. students the world over. As is said in the management training circles, ‘Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success’. Let us all contribute to the success of the C.I.R.S. Alumni Association.
May Gurudev's blessings continue to shower upon you in abundance.


Hari Om!

Swami Swaroopananda



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