Dear Parents and Children,

Hari Om!

For any task to be performed in life, beside God’s grace and blessings, one needs ABILITY to perform and the WILLINGNESS to undertake the task. Everyone is endowed and blessed with infinite abilities and unlimited potential within.

Ability comes from knowledge, skill and experience. Willingness comes from inspiration and motivation to achieve something in life.

If one wants to climb a mountain, one requires the knowledge and skill of climbing. However one also needs to have an inner drive and willingness to climb.

Even if one has the ability, one cannot achieve his or her goals without willingness.  Nevertheless, even if one lacks ability, but has willingness and deep passion within, one can surpass all limitations and achieve the impossible. Very often in life, we use this phrase – “I can’t do it”. When we deeply ponder over this, most of the time we have used this phrase not because we lack ability to perform the task but it was because of our un-willingness to take up the task.

Let us pledge to transcend the limitations of our mind by removing the phrase “I can’t” and replace it with – “I can, I must and I will”.  We will be surprised to see what wonder we can achieve in this human birth.

This year, let us transcend all mental limitations, free ourselves and soar high.

With all regards,