Kind attention of Parents seeking admission for 2021-22:

  1. Registrations are closed temporarily. For any query please contact our admission office.

    Admission Committee



    1. Due to Covid -19 situation, Entrance examination on the 1st November will be conducted online. Candidates can write the examination from their home. All instructions will be shared by the 3rd week of October. If the situation becomes conducive for parents to take up travel, then centres will be allotted and intimated to the parents well in advance.
    2. Before admission, generally we get potential parents visit the school. CIRS has opened up for visitors but need prior appointments through mail to Only limited numbers are permitted on a single day maintaining the protocols of social distancing and wearing masks.
    3. Subjects for IB and CBSE Alternatively for the parents who cannot visit, please send in your queries and our senior management team will address them through video meetings wherein you will get an opportunity to directly interact and clarify your doubts.


      The Academic Year starts from April and ends in March of the ensuing year, with vacations in May-June and December. The exact dates of reopening and closing of CIRS, including other holidays, are mentioned in the School Calendar published in advance and given to each parent.


      The Entrance examination for the Academic Year 2020-21  will be held at selected centres all over India and abroad. Click here to download the list of examination centres. Since the candidates come from institutions having varied curriculums in India and abroad, the CIRS Entrance examination is not based on any one curriculum but is designed to evaluate the candidate's past learning and the ability to learn in the future.


      The Entrance examination structure is as follows:

      1. For Grades V and VI - English and Mathematics (2 Hours)
      2. For Grades VII to IX - English, Mathematics and Science (3 Hours)
      3. Subjects for IB and CBSE Entrance Exam Are As Follows:


      4. Subjects for IB Diploma

        Title of the paper Duration Pattern
        English 45 minutes Multiple Choice
        Mathematics 45 minutes Multiple Choice
        Science 45 minutes Multiple Choice
        General Awareness 45 minutes Multiple Choice

      The duration of the exam for the classes XI CBSE & IB shall be 3 hours.


      Note : Entrance exam for all the classes will also have a creative writing section.


      The syllabus for the entrance test is general and not based on any Board/Syllabus.


      Fee structure for 2020 - 2022 : Click here



      For more information, please phone CIRS or email


      A visit to the school is possible by appointment

      • CIRS welcomes prospective parents and true seekers of quality education on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10.00 am and 11.00 pm IST with prior appointment.
      • Important points to note:
        ✓ Visitors will be permitted with prior appointment only. Mails can be sent for seeking     appointment to or can contact 91-422-2613 300, 91-422-2613303 during working hours.
        ✓ Confirmation mail from the School needs to be presented at the entrance.
        ✓ Only limited numbers will be allowed on a single day.
        ✓ At the gate, basic temperature testing will be done for Covid-19.
        ✓ All precautions like wearing masks and social distancing is mandatory throughout the visit.

        Seeking full cooperation for adherence to the school norms from the parents during the visit in this pandemic times.





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